Live at Club Passim 2004

by Bryan McPherson



Recorded live at Club Passim in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA, on 6/24/2004

Engineered by Steve Friedman

Intro by James O'Brien

All songs written and performed by Bryan McPherson

Copyright 2004


released June 24, 2004



all rights reserved


Bryan McPherson Los Angeles, California

Bryan McPherson, a fiery, folk-playing, Boston native, was called west in July of 2010. Bryan now tours internationally and bases himself out of Los Angeles, California.


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Track Name: Desperate Times
The sun goes down on a lonesome town
Down on the ground and down all around
Down on the bound and down on the wound we drown
Yea we drown yea we drown

Read the writing on the wall
We're all fighting all fighting to fall
I'm waiting on a phone call from god
And where's god? Where's god?

In Desperate Times
Desperate lives
And Desperate time of mine

I walk the streets all covered in snow
I can't find no place to go
And I don't want to grow old and blind

Born to live and born to die
Born to truth and raised to lie
Born to question and wonder oh why oh why?

In Desperate Times
Desperate lives
In desperate time of mind

Hey there girl won't you walk with me
My pockets are empty but my love is free
And I need you desperately tonight

And I don't really care what your daddy says
If you don't really care what my past has been
I do wid a win to sin tonight

Track Name: Angel in The Snow
I sit at home on a Wednesday and I paint
I lay awake at night and I paint the pain
and baby, oh baby sometimes I think I'm going crazy
And me too you know I'm the craziest of the bunch
I'm all confused I'm outa lunch and outa touch

Time rolls slow in the daytime and I'm dreaming
I see a landscape of mountains and its pleasin'
It's so busy, so busy

And it's like an angel in the snow
Like an echo with the vibration
It's like an angel in the snow
And I don't know

I sit at home on a Thursday and I faint
And there's plastic all around me, it's a plastic rape
I watch the earth and it's dying
And superman he ain't flying, no more

I bet it's real hard to get old mama
Oh ain't it real hard to get old mama
And sometimes I think what it'd be like if you died
I lay in the night and I start to cry
And I can't stop the tears though
Even though its the fear though
And mama I love you
You did the best that you could


Sometimes I see the whole world is on fire
And I see little kids try and they get higher and higher
And I turn on my TV and I'm just another buyer
Oh but when I got a show you know that I'll make a flier
And what's it all mean?
I'm not a machine
Track Name: No More
Winter winds are blowing cold now
And I got nowhere to go
And I walk the streets a freezin'
I got a chill down to my soul
No home
And I roam

And I had it all at one time
Then I gave it all away
I traded it all for a bottle but
That bottles gone away
Now it's gone just the same
And I'm sparing for change

No no no more
Just take me from this world
No no no no more
Lord I can't take it anymore

Now I'm laying down in the alley
In a strange and foreign town
And if you see my sweet love Sally
Tell her I'm lost and I ain't found
Yea I'm lost and I ain't found
I'm lost and I ain't found


Now I'm laying down in the gutter
And it's all that I've got now
And if you see my long lost brother
Won't you tell him I wear the crown
Won't you tell him I wear the crown
Yea all the way down

And I don't want to die in the gutter
And I don't want to die all alone
I cry out for my mother
But the streets my only home
Yea the streets my only home
And I'm dying all alone

Track Name: Time Goes Bye
Sometimes I can't get out of bed
Sometimes I can't even get out of bed
But I wake up in the sunshine
I wake up and it's alright

And time goes bye
In my life
In your life
and I'm reminded by
The skyline in your eye

And it's a beautiful day in Boston
It's a beautiful day and I'm lost in my head
Time goes bye in my life, in your life
And I'm reminded by the skyline
In your eyes

And I see you in a photograph
But all that's left is pictures and glass
And fragments of memories
Scattered in debris
Its a tragic soliloquy
Madness insanity
But I still have all the times we had
The laughter, the chatter, the good and the bad
The party and the morning after
Everyday I get a little less sadder

Track Name: What if Jesus Was Gay?
What if Jesus was gay?
Would you still be afraid
Would you still pray
If Jesus Christ was gay?

Would you call him a sinner
This is a race with no winner
And your a blind eyed grinner
I'll set the level on beginner
Would you still throw rocks
If he sucked on cocks
And I don't mean to shock
I'm just provoking thought


Would you torture and tease?
Would you sting like bees?
Would you live free?
Would you be a fairy?
Would you open your mind?
Would you run and hide?
Would you make him cry?
Would you take it from behind?


Would you let him get married
To a girl named Harry?
Would you beat him in the alley
Or would you endorse the gay rally?
Would you hang him from a cross?
Would you take him off?
Would you blast a buck shot?
Tell him to burn and rot?