Originally From Dorchester

by Bryan McPherson



Thank you to all who donated to The Martin Richard Memorial Foundation and the Neighborhood Charter House School. They are well on their way to a memorial and peace park in Martins name and are no longer accepting donations.

On April 15th the Richard family was watching the Boston Marathon when the bombs exploded nearby. Their young son Martin was killed. His younger sister and his mother remain seriously injured.

Many people have asked how they can help the Richards. Please visit
richardfamilyfund.org and make a contribution.

O.F.D. Originally appeared on "Fourteen Stories" (2007). It was re-recorded acoustic to benefit The Martin Richard Memorial Foundation. It is now available for FREE download and everyone is encouraged to make a donation to richardfamilyfund.org

Special thanks to Chris Jonsson for the studio time.


Bryan's latest release "American Boy American Girl"





released May 29, 2013

Written and performed by Bryan McPherson
Copyright 2006 , 2013



all rights reserved


Bryan McPherson Los Angeles, California

Bryan McPherson, a fiery, folk-playing, Boston native, was called west in July of 2010. Bryan now tours internationally and bases himself out of Los Angeles, California.


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Track Name: Originally From Dorchester (OFD)
I remember city summers and street corners where we'd play
After dark it's down the park and these kids are goin' crazy
The cops are coming and the party's jumping
And everybody is running away
Some are still standing
Some have fallen away
Come on get up you can come with us
Yea we know the way

I remember punk-rock shows where we'd all go trying to let it go
We were dancing in the pit on a high school quit
Whats better than this? When we're screaming with our fists
I'm still playing on this guitar
You know I made it really far away
No matter where I go
No matter where I be
I'm always OFD

I remember when you went away
All your friends came
Yea all your friends came
There was a line out the door just to say goodbye
And all the young ones cried for the death of a lie
That we'd all last forever
We'd last for all eternity
No matter where we go
No matter where we be
We're always