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Black Man
Written by Bryan McPherson.
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Black man

Hey black man, black man I saw 'em read you your rights today
And black man black man I saw 'em cuff you and take you away
Look at the rock and roll
The white man stole
He wants you soul
To call his own
He's taking slaves
To work all day
Except today
The slaves get paid. (sometimes)

Hey woman woman how's your right to vote?
And woman woman its such a slippery slope
Going down on hope
And freedom comes
Like your man
On the run
See the back door slam
And you watch him go
Cuz he always cums
And he always goes

Gay man Gay man they all say that you started AIDS
And gay man gay man please please please be afraid
When the christians come
And then they say
“Your gonna burn in hell
unless you pray”
For how you live
For who you are
And their words
tear and scar

Hey tranny tranny how's it feel at the bottom of the list?
And tranny tranny how's it feel to suffer a violent death?
A certain percent at the rivers edge
Cut up, fucked, and bled
For how you dress
For who you are
Foolish words
Tare and scar

To anyone anyone I left out of this song
Well go write your own I don't like my songs too long
And sing it loud
Sing it in the street
Sing it proud to those you meet
And when you learn
You learn to love
You can rise above
And love and love and love


from American Boy American Girl, track released May 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Bryan McPherson Los Angeles, California

Bryan McPherson, a fiery, folk-playing, Boston native, was called west in July of 2010. Bryan now tours internationally and bases himself out of Los Angeles, California.


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